The Unconventional Valentine

Unconventional Valentine

The Unconventional Valentine: Sad Cards by Katie Davis

If you’re looking for a more unconventional Valentine, we at Pinso thought we’d give you a little inspiration.

So whether you’re loved up and loving it, broken and browbeaten or just generally ambivalent to the whole affair, we’re sure we can find something to put a smile on your face, or, at the very least, make you feel marginally less nauseated. Marginally…


Unconventional Valentine

Nicklas Gustafsson’s Problem Solving Pillows

Nicklas Gustafsson’s playful range is based on the idea that often, all you need to settle an argument is a little bit of playfulness. Seems a little bit risque to me, but starting a pillow fight might just get your grumpy guts laughing again…

Unconventional Valentine

My Heart Goes Baboom! by Badum Tish

Does anything say “true love” as much as a monkey bum? No? Thought not…

Nothing else needs to be said.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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