Metaphorical Living Dream: Clare E. Saunders

The Surreal Staircase 2012

Metaphorical Living Dream: A Collection of Work  is the latest exhibition by Edinburgh-based artist Clare E. Saunders.

Saunders’ work is inspired by the Surrealist and Pre-Raphaelite movements.   Incorporating a wide range techniques including collage, mixed media, drawing and painting, her work focuses on themes of beauty and intrigue.

Eye of Eyes 2012

Saunders confesses to being excited by art which possess different layers, both visually and conceptually, which has the ability to draw the viewer into the picture.   All of these things can equally be said of her own work, which is extremely detailed; every time you look at one of her paintings, you will find something you hadn’t noticed before.

Intense Spiralling Staircase Small

The Metaphorical Living Dream exhibition is running until 28th February at Edinburgh’s Central Fine Art Library.

You can find out more about Clare Saunders and her work here.



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