31.01.14: The Gathering 2

Hillhead Bookclub, Glasgow

The Gathering 2:  Hillhead Bookclub, Glasgow

Last November,  I covered the Scot Street Style Movember event hosted by the ever lovely  Gordon J. Millar  at  Harvey Nichols.

Well, guess what?

Scot Street Style is back with a bang in 2014 in what promises to be it’s most enterprising year yet.

On 31st January,the Hillhead Bookclub will be the venue for The Gathering 2, the second official meeting of the Scot Street Style creative community, a community which captures the essence the essence of Scottish style and humour.

It promises to be a brilliant opportunity to meet your fellow creatives as well as to shake a tail feather.

The event begins at 7 pm at the Hillhead Book Club, Glasgow.

You can find out more about Scot Street Style here and also follow them on Twitter.




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