Resolutions for 2014: Shop Local

Shop local :)

We’re getting dangerously close to 2014 and my mind has been focussed very much on the New Year, specifically New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t normally make them (why wait a whole year before deciding to change those bad habits or try new things? That attitude has never, ever made sense to me…).  But, in the six months since graduating, I’ve changed my mind about a lot of things, resolutions being but one of them.

As a soon to be indie start-up myself, I’ve been paying attention to my local creative communities and what’s going on out there in the wider world.  Let me tell you, there’s a lot of exciting stuff out there if you look.  But, and anyone with their own business will tell you, it’s tough competing with big companies.

There are so many advantages to shopping locally.  It helps preserve our communities.  Independent shops create a distinctive shopping experience that you won’t find in a high street chain store as well as stocking different products.  Local businesses respond quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products to meet their customers’ needs.   

You also tend to get better customer care and service from independent shops – these businesses survive by their reputation and repeat business, which means you get a higher standard of service (or should do!)

When you shop with local merchants, more of your money stays close to home; supporting your community and keeping it unique.  That’s why the first thing on my resolutions list is to shop local in 2014.

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