High Tea for Six: The Roadkill Tea Party

Fondant fancies will never be the same again…


Roadkill Tea Party.  Not three words you’d expect to hear in that order. Or at all.   And especially not at Christmas.

When I walked into the  Union Gallery  last weekend, it felt like I had  fallen down the rabbit hole.

To say that this exhibition by Samantha Boyes is surreal and provocative would be an understatement.   And sadly, photos can’t do justice to the awesome spectacle of high tea made from roadkill.



Boyes has combined her love of cake and taxidermy to great effect.  And whilst it sounds like a morbid display, there is a great deal of humour to the work and a lightness of touch that you wouldn’t expect from an exhibition that contains a toast rack filled with dead moles…


Surreal and frankly, delightful, High Tea for Six will be exhibited at the  Union Gallery, Edinburgh,  until 20th January 2014.


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