Welcome to Dinovember


Welcome to Dinovember

These guys where jammin last night!

Welcome to Dinovember a month long imagination invasion. Dinovember is a fantastic idea created by Refe Tuma and his wife to help grow their children’s imagination. Every year the couple devote the month of November to convincing their children that while they sleep their plastic dinosaur figures come to life. How awesome is that!

Dinovember Fridge Break

What a mess!

Dinovember has humble beginings, the children had woken up and discovered that their toy dinosaurs had gotten into the cereal and made a mess of the kitchen table. Oh noooo!


Is that two T-Rex’s fighting over a line?

The morning after that, the dinosaurs had got on to the kitchen counter and raided the fruit bowel, Oh nooooo! And this keeps happening throughout the month of November with dinosaurs escalating in messyness.

welcome to dinovember Creative Expression

Oh deary me!

Why Dinovember, why all this mess morning after morning. Theres a great answer! Refe Tuma and his wife dont want their children to lose their sense of wonder and imagination in our digital age with iPads and Netlflix among other devices keeping us distracted.

“In a time when the answers to all the world’s questions are a web-search away, we want our kids to experience a little mystery. All it takes is some time and energy, creativity, and a few plastic dinosaurs.” Refe Tuma 

Creative Imagination Dinovember

That big mouth of michelangelo’s seem to have got him in trouble.

Its a great project to encourage parents to play with their children while boosting their imgaination. I think this is possible for adults too, hmm… You can find more about Dinovember here on their Facebook page and share your own Dinovember journeys. 

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  1. Nicholas Duddy November 16, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    That’s an amazing idea!

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