Netflix streaming the Film Industry

Netflix streaming the Film Industry

In 1997, the company Netflix, a subscription-based DVD distribution service, was established. Today, people of all ages from all over the world watch thousands of films and TV shows on their computers, laptops, phones, iPads, Playstastions and Smart TV’s, instantly streaming titles, some of which aren’t even available on DVD yet.

Netflix streaming the Film Industry

Not only has the company grown from a simple DVD rental to an online streaming giant, but at the 65th Emmy awards, three Netflix original shows were nominated, including House of Cards for Outstanding Drama Series, adding successful production company to its growing list. Recently, the critically acclaimed last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad were talked about worldwide. The show, broadcast every Sunday night in the US, was then available early Monday morning on Netflix in the UK. A TV series that generated this much acclaim and excitement striking a deal like this with Netflix just shows how much the industry should respect and utilise the service.

Netflix streams on apps, desktops, TV's and Phones

 All are not thrilled by the Netflix revolution however, including US giant HBO. No HBO shows are available on the streaming site as they stick religiously to their own online platform HBO Go. The recent statistic stating that Netflix now has more US subscribers than HBO however suggest that HBO may be fighting a losing battle.


I challenge anyone to say that they don’t feel slight excitement when they see the globe turning and the word ‘Universal’ on the screen before a film, and I feel that the piercing red screen with ‘Netflix’ arched across the centre will soon provide the same excitement. The recent announcement that they have started tests on “ultra HD” video – which could be available as early as next year – shows that Netflix is not only keeping up with the times, but perhaps it’s moving faster.


For film as an artform, an online based platform can only mean good things. Independent filmmakers have been utilising the internet to showcase their work for years now and Netflix is the closest fusion of this and worldwide release. The independent category is just along from the classics on the Netflix app, providing films that may have been overlooked with a larger audience than ever before. Since the archive is only getting bigger, it’s an exciting time for independent and indie films to prosper. As an open suggestion (no commission required), Netflix should consider a short film category for the next extension. This would wholeheartedly help the art and any aspiring up and comers, myself included.

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