The ups and downs of social media

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I’ve been on an extended holiday from Facebook and Twitter for three months. In the main, it was because I felt overly distracted.  I was also starting to question WHY I was using social media in the first place.

I was a late Facebook adopter but decided to plumb the depths when I started developing my own creative practice.  After all, social media is the place to be for marketing purposes.  And this was  increasingly promoted when I later  made a return to university.

But I soon started to question its value – paid advertising, get  more followers fast schemes – so many elements are geared towards superficial signs of success rather than genuine customer engagement.  It seems to be the “done thing” – start a business and hop on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon.  Sadly this is often at the expense of  getting people to care about your work and develop a relationship with your brand.

There’s also the issue of being expected to be on-line and contactable 24 hours a day whether on a personal or professional basis.  Social media is habit forming.   You need to be responsive, but where is the line drawn? How to balance the demands of developing an on-line presence with actually doing some work?  It’s an art.  And not easy.

We’ve all heard that Facebook is losing followers in droves after deciding to monetize its services.  However, Instagram and Twitter appear to be on the rise as well as other platforms such as Google +

The real secret to being a social media maven planning and good content.  And stepping back now and then to question what you are doing and why.






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