How to Photoshop

As creatives we all use Photoshop and we all have varying skills in Photoshop some of us are gods while some of us are mere mortals (bof!). We also have different uses for Photoshop too, some of us might need it for touching up photos while others maybe creating something entirely new on Photoshop. Thankfully for people who need some creative inspiration or a simple How to Photoshop look no further than the Photoshop Lady!


The Photoshop Lady curates the best free photoshop tutorials around the internet. On the site their is a number of different categories which include 3D Effect, Abstract Effect, Drawing Effect, Photo Effect, Text Effect, Texture & Patterns and User Interface Design. Isn’t that useful!


I dont know how many times I have woken up and thought, I wish I could create a new species!  A famous Professor once said  ‘I dared to dream of creating a race of atomic monsters… atomic supermen with octagonal bodies that suck blood…‘ Professor Farnsworth, Futurama. We are one step closer to realising our dreams with this interesting How to Photoshop on creating your own species.


Or how about creating an image that showcases your design. The tutorial Applying paint spilling effect on your shoe is a great way to capture a potential customers eye while showing your own creativity and imagination.


Like Marvel comics? Check out this tutorial on how to create Spiderman’s badass arch nemesis Venom.


Last but not least, how about taking that image of yourself and sprucing it up with some colour adjustments. Check out the Great Color Adjustment for a Lady’s Image tutorial.


And there you go, Photoshop Lady has many great tutorials on How to Photoshop so check it out for ideas and inspirations.



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