Do you have Scot Street Style?

Scotland on Sunday 10.11.13

Those of you using social media may have become aware of a new hashtag popping up with increasing regularity: #ScotStreetStyle.  Collaborating with Harvey Nichols for their Movember event in the Edinburgh store on 16th of this month, Scot Street Style is rapidly becoming a player in the Scottish style and creative community, but who are they and where did they come from?

I caught up with Gordon J Millar, the creator of Scot Street Style, to find out.


In the Beginning

It all started earlier this year in New York where Gordon had been promoting From Scotland With Love. Walking down 5th Avenue with his girlfriend, they were stopped for a photograph whilst wearing World Peace Tartan.  The photographer was none other than Bill Cunningham: the photograph appeared in the New York Times the very next week.

Gordon describes his trip to New York as a life-enriching,  transformational experience.  People would stop each other in the street and compliment their style. Inspired in particular by Cunningham’s work, he decided, when he returned to Scotland, to build an online community to capture the vibrant style, character and humour of Scotland, to celebrate creativity, diversity and freedom of expression.

Movember, Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh


And that community has grown at an astonishing rate.  In October,  Scot Street Style organised what they thought would be a small event in Edinburgh, #thegathering.  What happened was a 100 person strong creative event which has already spawned a series of inspiring collaborations, some of which have already been featured on the front page of Scotland on Sunday magazine.

Of  Scot Street Style’s collaboration with Harvey Nichols, Gordon says, “Our inclusion in the Movember event signifies a massive leap from independent social media, starting from one person with a smartphone, to recognition by the biggest mainstream fashion brand in Scotland. We have evolved into an entity, the fastest growing hub for creatives in Scotland.”

I couldn’t agree more and look forward to seeing Scot Street Style going from strength to strength.


The Movember event at Harvey Nichols event is being held in the menswear department at the Edinburgh store, 3 pm – 7 pm.  Click here for details.

You can find out more about Scot Street Style on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.




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