Hydroflex Retro Skateboards

Pinso hydroflex retro skateboards

WOW! Only 50 hours to go before this fantastic Kickstarter project comes to an end! DUN DUN DUN! Hydroflex is a skateboard born from a surfboard. The team behind Hydroflex created the skateboards from leftover materials from making surfboards, they created the skateboards firstly for themselves and then their friends who wanted them too! One thing led to another and now they have 50 hours to go on Kickstarter. The boards are visually striking (cool!) and functional with equal or more strength when compared with traditional wooden skateboards. Due to the production process of the boards the colour intensity and spread is unique meaning that each and every board is different.  Awesome you get your own unique board!

Pinso hydroflex retro skateboards 1

The striking colour of the Hydroflex boards are beautifly contrasted with a honeycomb structure creating a distinctive and signature pattern. All of the decks feature reinforcements around the rails as well as having integrated tail and nose guards to reduce impact and wear.

‘Our decks are built with foam, fiber and resin – just like a surfboard.’ Hydroflex

Pinso hydroflex retro skateboards 2

The skateboards come in three different models, a micro cruiser, mini cruiser and a freeride / downhill model.

Pinso hydroflex retro skateboards 4

The infusion process.

Pinso hydroflex retro skateboards 3

Hydroflex Retro Skateboards

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