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New Calton Burial Ground, Edinburgh,

I had a brilliant day out at Edinburgh’s Doors Open Day when I was treated to a guided tour of the Calton New Burial Ground.  In 2010, this graveyard, along with four others in Edinburgh’s World Heritage site, was placed on the World Monument’s Watch List, and identified as a site of international importance that is at risk.

As the capital of Scotland,  Edinburgh is (unsurprisingly) full to bursting with historical events, folktales and legends.  Everywhere you go in the city, you will come across something of historical significance.

New Calton Burial Ground, Edinburgh

Your eye will always be drawn to the magnificent architecture, the cobbled streets; your feet will always take you to the museums and art galleries, but, and it’s a big but,  there is much more to the city than what’s on the High Street or the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh has some amazing graveyards, many of which are sadly falling to neglect.  Home to a vast amounts of Medieval and Victorian peculiarity, these great cities of the dead are now largely untouched, visited only by teenagers hoping to sneak an illicit drink.

New Calton Burial Ground, Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Graveyards Project is looking at new ways to care for the City’s most important burial grounds and to bring them back as community spaces, educational resources and a unique window into Edinburgh’s fascinating and frequently bizarre past.  They are looking for some inspiration so, for your chance to contribute to keeping alive (ahem) some amazing historical places of interest,  please take a look at their survey!

For more information, please contact Dr Susan Buckham:

Would you like to become a friend of the New Calton Burial Ground?  Please contact David Fiddimore:







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