Doll me up


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Glennifer’s Eyes, Jennifer Glen

This is just what Jennifer Glen, a recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art aspires to do with her jewellery designs.

Glennifer’s Eyes, Jennifer Glen 

Glennifer’s Hair, Jennifer Glen

“My work is based around dolls, from the aesthetic qualities, to the emotional connections to them as children. The aim of the work is to give the viewer an insight into my world and convey a sense of humour. This light-hearted approach to designing creates work that is tactile and in its simplest form is a toy of adults”.

Materials are very important to Jennifer’s process.  She uses rubber and leather to create the vibrant colours and textures to bring the characters she creates to life.

Full of synthetic hair, false eyelashes and doll eyes her work is eerily charming and hopelessly fun.

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter: @Jen_Glen

You can also find out more about her work here.

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