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We all have socks, numerous pairs even. Maybe with an exception of those of you, dear readers, who were brought up by hippies. But other than that, socks are quite a common concept. However, some people find it needed to put socks not only on their feet but on their bikes, too. Sounds a little silly, one might say. And we would agree. But it all does make sense, especially if you happen to be a bicycle owner living in a city. Let us explain…

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Oskars Mickevičs, the author of the Velo Sock.

Velo Sock is a product created by Latvian company that goes by the same name. Its main purpose is to keep homes, offices and other spaces clean of sand, mud and other dirt that otherwise would be brought indoors with the bike. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it fits any bicycle with a length from 1.6m to 2m. It’s design that is both practical as well as nice to the eye, as the sock comes in three different designs. Also, it’s dead easy to care for – just shove it in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Fuss and dirt free, indeed.

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Oskars Mickevičs, the author of the Velo Sock, says the idea came to him after he had lived in different capitals of Europe and noticed how many people use bicycles for their everyday commute. A lot of them wouldn’t find the public bike racks safe so they would keep their rides in their homes and offices. With that he also noticed how much dirt they bring in with them so he needed a solution, and that is how Velo Sock was born.

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In the future, as told by Oskars, the company plans to create similar protective sock for strollers and more. You can find the Velo Sock on their website here or on Single-speed if you’re in UK.

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