Sushi Art

Illustrator known as Tama-Chan has created Sushi Art and this isnt the art of making the perfect sushi, in fact it is making art from sushi. Sushi sushi sushi – say it really fast :)

Tama-chan-makizushi-art-Pinso 4

The Tokyo based illustrator lays the ingredients out while mentally planning how it will look in a cross section. Tama-chan admits that she never really knows what the finished piece will look like until it is cut through.

Tama-chan-makizushi-art-Pinso 3

 These crazy creations are  yokai which are Japanese demons.

Tama-chan-makizushi-art-Pinso 2

Great looking sushi with the world in it.

Tama-chan-makizushi-art-Pinso 5

 The iPhone sushi for the Apple fans.

Tama-chan-makizushi-art-Pinso 6


Love this view of cutting through the sushi.

Tama-chan-makizushi-art-Pinso 1

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