Strange Bathroom Goings-on

The Fish ‘n’ Flush

We love innovative design at Pinso, and on that basis, I felt compelled to share this little piece of joy I found on the internet earlier in the  week.


Is your bathroom boring?  Do you need to bring more pizzazz to your ablutions?

Well then, AquaOne may just have the solution with their bizarre and brilliant toilet aquarium.


Designers came up with this delightful creation whilst working on a product to limit water waste from household toilets.  They had been using a clear tank with their prototype and so,as  legend tells, during a design review, some one suggested it would be cool to have fish in there…

How it works

And so the Fish ‘n’ Flush was born!

And, as if having fishies living in your toilet wasn’t enough… you can get themed tanks!

White Christmas Toilet Fish!



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