Florentijn Hofman realises giant climbable aardvark

The Burgers Zoo in Arnhem Holland commissioned Florentijn Hofman to create a piece of work that celebrates 100 years of the zoo. The Dutch artist created a gigantic aardvark spanning 30 meters long and made from concrete.  This little lovable creature has also featured in the cartoon the Pink Panther. Hofman’s giant aardvark is positioned laying on its back with a golden party hat – looks a little tuckered out in the position. Who doesn’t like an oversized animal that can be climbed on.

The images below are by  Inge Hondebrink

florentijn-hofman-partyaardvark-Pinso 4

florentijn-hofman-partyaardvark-Pinso 2

florentijn-hofman-partyaardvark-Pinso 1



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