Bentley and 3D Printing

Some what surprisingly that Bentley has only ‘recently’ been using 3D Printing to create prototypes. The Crewe based luxury car maker has been making mini prototypes of various parts of the car as well as finishing products for display prototypes. Bentley is a car and brand steeped in tradition and their cars see a blend of modern technology with traditional materials such wooden trims, leather seats, cup holders etc.


In the video below you can see how Bentley has taken a proactive approach to 3D Printing and are using it to speed up the refinement process of the cars many details. 3D Printing has reduced the design, making and refinement process down to a matter of hour rather than weeks if not months. Lights, door handles, exhaust ends, front grills among other parts are all being made to produce accurate models of what the finished product will look like.



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