Apple iPhone 5c

And there we have it, the release of the new Apple iPhones 5c and 5s. As expected the iPhone 5s comes with a number of upgrades and options designed to project it far ahead of its rivals. Thats all fab but what actually interests me is the cheaper Apple iPhone 5c because its cheap and apple dont do things cheap but also because it has hints of the 1st generation iMac – see image below.


The Apple iPhone 5c is available in five colours: green, yellow, blue, white and pink. Now whats really interesting (at least for me) is that since the 1st generation iMac Apple hasnt really used that much colour in its products, you could say they have been a little gray.

apple_iphone5c_color_Pinso 01

As the cases are made from plastic it does offer more colour choice oppose to machined aluminium. The colours are similar to that of the previous iMacs with the blues, greens etc except that the iPhone 5c colours are in pastel tones.

apple_iphone5c_color_Pinso 02

The design is very much same as the current iPhone with some small differences in the button shapes and radius’s. Does the colour add more fun to the iPhone? Of course but can you live without machined aluminum? Of course!

apple_iphone5c_color_Pinso 03apple_iphone5c_color_Pinso 04apple_iphone5c_color_Pinso 05

Apple has also released six official coloured rubber cases for the iPhone 5c that allows for colour combinations…my god that is one ugly ass cover. Its like a game of Connect 4 where the four in a line rule doesnt apply.


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