3D Printing and Stop motion animation films

Stop motion animation films are always fantastic to watch! 3D Printing has found its way into the process and has been used to create characters, sets, movements – everything usually created by hand in a traditional stop motion animation  film. Although this is great news I hope we dont see the end of the handmade characters and set making up a rustic but amazing stop motion animation film.


The benefits of going digital is that multiple parts can be made precisely as well as easily import difficult to make parts by scanning them via a 3D scanner and then 3D printed -easy! Using 3D Printing the process is sped up and cheaper. This isn’t the first time we have came across 3D Printing in movies, it was used to replicate the Aston Martin car in James Bond Skyfall as well as making the Iron Man suit among other films.

Below is  the stop motion  animation The Pirates Band of Misfits which consists of about 8,000 3D Printed mouths detailing the movement of the jaw as certain words are pronounced. Have watch below.


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