Windows 8 and your Mental Health

It was the 5th January 2013, the beginning of a new year! I was searching for an affordable but reliable computer when I discovered a Fujitsu online selling for £370.00. I read the spec and said Ah! this fits the bill, affordable, powerful enough for my needs, wont break and then came the next question. Windows 8 or Windows 7? I decided that I would go with Windows…8, Microsoft has years of product and customer experience behind them so the new software shouldn’t be too bad. Oh how I was wrong but there are lessons here, test your product thoroughly, be subjective, put yourself in the consumers shoes and ask why would I buy and use this.


Being a designer I am always examining products and services, product experiences, why people like products, nit picking etc but Whoa! I never expected that Windows 8 for a laptop would be such a frustrating experience. The design layout of the desktop is very different, its fine to introduce a new product layout to consumers as long as the experience is intuitive and easy to use but Windows 8 just isn’t, its annoying. The Windows 8 side bar is good in theory but not in practice. If your using the mouse pad its constantly popping up while you are using other applications which after about 20 times is quite frustrating – what I wonder is if the guys at Microsoft overlooked or simply didn’t anticipate this scenario of use. I believe as creatives and designers that we should try to imagine our products in every scenario that our product relates to and can be used for. The side bar also pops up and obstructs the little ‘X’ at the top right hand corner making it difficult to close browsers etc. As I am using an application and navigating with the mouse pad I feel that this level of testing is well within a comfort zone of Windows 8 use and that they could have refined it more.


Windows 8 is designed more for mobile devices which I believe is some of the reasoning behind its lack of functionality on laptops. However as Microsoft has released a laptop/desktop version I believe that they should have refined the design further, making tweaks here and there, paying attention to the details etc.

I think Microsoft is a very innovative company but it lacks the design refinement and attention to detail of Apple’s products.

Why I feel its important to point out just 1 or 2 of the many mistakes in Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS is to let you know that even huge companies with billions of dollars and thousands of hours of man power make mistakes. So you will make mistakes, try to make small ones, learn from your mistakes and move forward creating great products and services with your craft at its core.

Now, as the title suggests I am going to see about my mental health. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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