The Killing of Tony Blair by George Galloway MP

The Killing of Tony Blair a documentary by George Galloway MP. Ah! This is sure to be a very interesting, exciting, shocking, blood boiling, frustrating, nauseating and informative Kickstarter project. On its first day this project is almost half way to being fully funded, people really do want to see The Killing of Tony Blair (probably in 3D!). It turns out that the former prime minister is doing jolly well for himself lately, making approximately £20 million per year, not bad. Apparently he is involved in a number of ‘interesting’ projects and has a number of ‘interesting’ friends. Hmm its all very interesting… George Galloway MP will be dishing the dirt out on Tony Blair and his ‘interesting’ friends as well as uncovering ‘how he killed the labour party, how he killed a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere’.


“I promised that until the last day of my life I would go on fighting to put Tony Blair on trial, a real trial in The Hague, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. This documentary, the mother of all documentaries, will expose Blair’s crimes.” George Galloway.


Check out the video below, it looks promising to be dam good watching! Feel like funding? You can find The Killing of Tony Blair a documentary by George Galloway MP Kickstarter page here.  


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