Nik Burns

Nik Burns, The Hornet

* A fear of wasps.  If you are not of a bug friendly disposition,  you might blanch a little at what’s coming next (if the title pic didn’t get you first)…

Artist sculptor, creator of steampunk inspired contraptions and other oddities, Nik’s latest work includes, among other things, hornets, spiders, and he has recently accepted a commission for an elephant!

Nik Burns, Hornet

Nik Burns, The Hornet

Inspired by the Victorian obsession with natural history and the industrial revolution, Nik’s work combines and contrasts the machine and handmade to create striking, articulated sculpture.

The Hornet is an assemblage of hundreds of individual components with machine-like qualities balanced by wooden elements.

Nik Burns, The Hornet

Nik Burns, The Hornet


The detailing is stunning, down to the spring-loaded wings and the articulated joints of the legs which allow this formidable beast to be posed in a number of different ways.  The piece has a distinct character which is enhanced by the aged finish of the metalwork which the artist believes gives his creations a ‘life history’.


You can find out more about Nik’s work here and follow on Twitter here!

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