Smart Textiles

New tech is awesome! It comes in many forms and is limited only by our imagination. Being creatives we have quite a big imagination which is great news for making new projects. Some of the new tech that I find particular awesome is smart textiles which includes self repairing fabrics, water soluble textiles and environmental response fabrics.

Self repairing or self healing fabrics sound awesome! The video below courtesy of Edinburgh Bicycle show a pen being pushed through a piece of material then simply being smushed together again – almost like plasterciene – I like it!

The smart textiles below are water soluble and hint at what could happen to fashion in future. Will we flush our old, unwanted, unhealing textiles down the toilet in future? Who knows! Its an interesting concept, perhaps the after life of fashion products could be to fertilise the soil bringing new life to plants…Gucci plants!

We are not far off becoming fashion chameleons. Moisture, heat and light may affect our clothes in the future. Colour, density and form may all shape our fashion dedicated by our environment which is quite a cool notion. When its hot our clothes may allow more breathing space and when its cold they may ‘close up’ keeping us warm. Check out the video below for a little demonstration.


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