Q&A with Dana Jasinkeviča

Somewhere in cyberspace we got a hold of Dana, who you might remember as the creator of the LoliPOPE collection. Her location is as hard to predict as her creative imagination. Based in Latvia, where she is studying Fashion Design in the Art Academy of Latvia, now she is in Utah, US but in September she will continue her studies in Milan, Italy. We hunter her down for few questions to find out where her creative juices spring from.

LolliPOPE by Dana Jasinkevica Pinso Creative 2

Image Source: NotJustalabel Dana Jasinevica

You’ve already been nominated for Latvian Design Awards in 2012. Would you say that this or maybe something else is your biggest accomplishment thus far? 

I am a very self-critical person regarding my own work, which only fuels my ambition and eagerness. After every collection I think I need to improve so many things and take a deep breath and try to create something even better. I rather concentrate on my work and ideas. It’s good to keep eyes open but mostly I’m competing with myself. A lot of creative people are never satisfied with their works and it’s as good as bad at the same time. You want to improve yourself but you generally don’t get a feeling that it’s the best result. That is why contests and awards are good because they help you to see your work from other peoples’ perspective.

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Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

Inspiration could come in any form, and best of all, it springs up when you least expect it. You always need to keep your eyes open…or sometimes close, so a dream can come to you.

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Image Source: NotJustalabel Dana Jasinevica

Who do you look up to?

I’ve always been inspired by people who are professionals in their field. Whether it is fashion, art, music, sport or medicine. I admire people who are able to combine their professional career with a happy family life. I don’t think you always need to live in boheme if you’re an artist. It’s a part of it, but I like balance. My family inspires me, I want to be like my parents when I grow up – they are the funniest people I know and they do a lot of cool stuff. I admire them.

LolliPOPE by Dana Jasinkevica Pinso Creative 3

Tell us the whole story about the Paper wedding dress, another one of your projects?

The dress was made by myself and my course mate Dita Enikova. It was made out of over a thousand pieces of paper and it was titled ‘Swan in Oil, Before and After’. In the fashion exhibition in Riga, Latvia the dress was show in its original form, as a wedding dress. But in these editorial photos taken by Artūrs Kondrāts, the dress was turned into a powerful performance piece by splashing it with black oil. As showcasing the fragile state of a pure white swan demised by a tragedy. The end result is an astonishing and design that evokes strong feeling as well as showcases paper, as a material, in a totally new concept. It was important for us to speak through art about the painful issue of birds suffering from oil pollution in their natural habitat, with swans frequently among the potential victims. This was very successful project. After publication in The Australian Financial Review Magazine photographer from Australia fell in love with this project and bought prints from the photo session back with him. Later Vogue Netherland invited us to participate with swan dress in Queens Ball in Netherlands. Unfortunately, the ball date was to soon and we didn’t have enough time to send it. But, anyway, it was a pleasure to be invited by Vogue.


Image Source: NotJustalabel Dana Jasinevica

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, ‘If you want to really hurt you parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts.’ Is it hard to be a creative?

It is challenging to be creative because you always need to be a little step further than others. But it is the same in all industries. Art is hard but it’s a lot fun, too. My biggest inspiration comes to me when I am in a melancholic mood and even a little sad. I’m afraid of making mistakes. Even though I’m still studying, everything happens so fast in the industry.  The competition is tough. But it helps to stay focused.

LolliPOPE by Dana Jasinkevica Pinso Creative

Image Source: NotJustalabel Dana Jasinevica

Thank you, Dana!

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