Why would you not want a mini version of yourself? Thanks to Japanese company Fotofig you can now make mini versions of yourself, your children, your pets or whatever else you want to make a mini version of. So how do you make a mini 3D Printed person? You take a number of photos of the subject (dog, person whatever) from every angle, then using software Fotofig is able to create a digital version of a dog, person or whatever…

Fotofig Pinso Creative 3D Printing

The company is in beta version which means there maybe some irregularities in the 3 D Printed figurine e.g. no head, two heads, half a head etc. 3D Printing is getting cheaper and better but this service is still a little pricey touching on 40,000 Yen (£300.00) for the small size.  In terms of 3D Printing technology – its not very innovative all of the components already exist but its a fun service that offers you something a little weird but fun!


So who wants a 3D Printed version of themselves?

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