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Worcester born photographer Stuart Lane aka Laneylost captures fantastic images of the moment. Laneylost’s journey into the world of photography was actually accidental, he needed some stock images for a website he was building and began taking photographs and from there his collection of images has grown substantially.

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Laneylost’s preferred style of photographing is ‘in the moment’. Capturing scenes in their natural state is what motivates and intrigues him which is why he carries his camera everywhere – don’t miss a moment. The natural world, the man made environment, architecture and products are all of interest to Laneylost which can be seen from his extensive collection of images here. ‘Design is something that I really enjoy so the opportunity to get some shots of beautifully designed items as well as buildings are something I can never let slip.‘ says Laneylost.

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Laneylost has been embracing the spirit of collaboration and has recently been working closely with illustrator and hyper realism artist  Dani Davis ( @danidavisart ) on some new photography and art projects. ‘Art, design & culture are what fuel my creative fires as well I a nice bit of nature’ says Laneylost.

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Laneylost is a very social creative and is always looking to work with artists and creatives of all kinds to create fantastic new projects! He is currently working on some new upcoming projects so keep an eye on his Flicker account here or you can find him on his Twitter account here.

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Laneylost has a very diverse range of images in his portfolio, life, death, objects, architecture and ‘miscellaneous’ photographs all from a very interesting and beautiful perspective.

Lanelost Photography Pinso Creative 2 LThe beauty in sometimes very normal things captured by Laneylost make his photographs great, interesting and something for everyone. His images are of the beauty of everyday life, thats the life we all live everyday…

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Lanelost Photography Pinso Creative L

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