Drinksavvy cups and straws indicate the presence of date rape drugs. Michael Abramson created the Drinksavvy range when he was a victim of being drugged in a bar three years ago. Abramson was targeted, drugged and left unconscious until the following morning, he wanted to ensure that this does not happen to anyone again and set about creating Drinksavvy. With the help of two Worcester Polytechnic Institute professors the Drinksavvy sensing material was created and incorporated into plastic cups and straws.


When the presence of  the orderless, tasteless drugs GHB, rohypnol, ketamine, or colloquially is detected the straw or cup will highlight red indicating that your drinks have been tampered with. This is a great piece of simple design to communicate to the potential victim that their drink is unsafe to consume.

drinksavvy-cups-Pinso 4

The Drinksavvy team have incorporated the design into products that we already use such as party cups, glasses, straws, stirrers etc. Using existing products as a delivery method will help to encourage users to adopt Drinksavvy and drink safely.


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