Dazzled at Dovecot

Gilly Langston, Tug Bangles


Dazzle Contemporary Jewellery Exhibitions is dedicated to showing the best of contemporary designer jewellery.  Organizing  four exhibitions a year in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Manchester,  they show work in a wide range of materials from gold and silver to paper, plastics and textiles. Committed to showing the work of young makers at the point of graduation alongside internationally renowned designers, you will see the work of many of your favourite artists at the shows, as well as the young bloods.  If you are a lover of contemporary jewellery, an art jewellery aficionado, or just a good old-fashioned lover of shiny things, then you don’t want to miss it.

I popped in during the last few days of the Edinburgh exhibition which returned to the Dovecot this year.

Here are are some my highlights.

Clara Breen

Karen Fox, Ruffle


Emmeline Hastings


Debbie Long


Becky Crow


Tania Clarke Hall


You can find out more about Dazzle and their forth-coming exhibitions here and follow them on Twitter, here.


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