Chineasy, a creative approach to learning languages. London based, Taipei born ShaoLan has created a fantastic learning tool for people who want to learn Chinese as a language (people like me!!). Chinese characters are as beautiful as they are complex making them fantastically wonderful to gaze at. But! Stare at it all day long and the meaning still wont jump out at you…or will it? Hmm Chineasy is built on the theory that the characters can indicate the meaning through basic (but lovely) imagery such as the Chinese characters below.

Pinso Chineasy learn chinese

The characters are in black ink while the imagery is in contrasting but familiar tones to the meaning. The mouth has got to be my favourite, check out those teeth! The tonsils, the tongue, the teeth and the ‘fleshy’ colour make it clear that this character represents the mouth. Some of my other favourites from this set include the fire, mountain and sun characters. I am remembering it already! But I am still a few hundred characters from reading a newspaper but at this pace it shouldn’t take me long to get reading my daily horoscope in Chinese.

What I also like about the Chineasy project is that its a Kickstarter project! ShaoLan and her team have a number of products up for sale based around the Chineasy theory. Check out the video above to get some more info on it and…check out the video below of the 6 minutes 11 seconds TED video on the basic theory on Chineasy.

So whos going to learn Chinese then?

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