Book Lover for Life

Book lover for life

I will always love books.  Always.  My flat is crammed with bookcases, full to bursting.  Piles of books everywhere.  I have the prematurely curved spine of a woman who always carries a weighty tome in her handbag, and has done for decades.

“But why?” my friends cry.  “They take up so much space, you’ll never be able to move house (I concede they have a point here – the prospect of moving my library in boxes down several flights of stairs doesn’t fill me with happy feelings…), you should get a Kindle.  They’re portable and light, you can adjust screen brightness so you can read in the dark, you can get hundreds of books on your device…” and so the list goes on.  And they’re right.  The Kindle is a wonderful gadget.  But here’s why I’ll take a book every time:


  1. Old book and new book smell.  Best. Thing. Ever. Nothing beats it.
  2. You can read a book in the bath. I’ve been told that you can, in fact read your Kindle in the bath.  I’m suspicious.  And if I dropped my shiny new Kindle in the bath, I’d cry.  It might not kill me, but my wallet would be weeping for weeks.
  3. It’s impossible to give someone “the book-off” with a Kindle.  It’s true, I’ve seen it happen.  When you’re waiting for that ever-late friend, you can avoid eye-contact with that suspicious looking stranger that keeps trying to catch your attention by hiding behind your book.  You just can’t do it with a Kindle.  There isn’t the surface area.  And you look silly trying.
  4. Nostalgia.  Books were a huge part of my childhood.  For a treat my mum would take me to James Thins to buy a book.  I have happy memories of lying curled up under the covers reading.
  5. Folded down corners.  They give a book character.  They show it has been loved and read.  Not to mention that sense of achievement from the visual marker that you’re almost finished that 600 page monster. An electronic bookmark just doesn’t do it for me in the same way.
  6. Flaunt your reading material with pride.  There are a glut of Kindles that have been lost, but left unclaimed.  Apparently this is due to a certain embarrassment regarding the choice of books downloaded… for shame!  This also begs the question (for me at any rate) about the number of Kindle users reading erotica on public transport… *shudder*. Flaunt your literature choices with pride.  And keep your guilty pleasures off the bus!

I’m a book lover for life.

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