3D Printing Near Flawless Art Forgeries

Relievo Sunflowers Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Pinso

I have always wanted to own a Van Gogh painting, the imagery, the bright colours, the fury of applied paint, his art work is incredible but I never seem to have a spare £30 Million, all my money seems to go on food and necessities. Fujifilm in association with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have created a 3D Scanning and printing process that accurately reproduces the artists famous pieces. The fantastic replicas are able to recreate Van Gogh’s brush strokes as well as printing the frame with signatures on the back. All this for £20,000! Phwoar not bad at all.

Detail of Relievo Sunflowers Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Pinso

Fujifilm spent seven years developing the process to scan and print the paintings which they call Reliefography. The art works produced by the process is highly detailed and only three copies can be made per day. The image above and below shows just how detailed the replicas are.

Relievo Backside Detail of Sunflowers Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Pinso

To date, recreations of 5 different Van Gogh Paintings have been produced which are limited to 260 copies however more are planned for the future. The Van Gogh Museum has an exclusive three year deal with Fujifil to use the technology so we wont be seeing the Mona Lisa  or other fantastic art work for at least three years.

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