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This fabulously crafted wooden bike was made by Italian design studio Whatwelike To Design – I am thoroughly enjoying that name! The ethos behind the design studio is to create everything and anything that they like that pops into their mind and that is a fantastic ethos!

‘we want to be as creator and producer as far as possible with our own projects.’ Whatwelike To Design

The bike itself is beautifully crafted from metal and wood creating an almost vintage modern look. The bicycle frames lattice work looks great which is offset by the wooden forks and the fab rear wheel.

whatweliketodesign Pinso

Whatwelike To Design Studio is inspired by their Italian heritage of craftsmanship and quality design. The studio likes to be hands on and get the ‘feel’ for the materials and the manipulation of them into wonderful products such as the awesome bike above!

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The fabulous bike project is just one of the many great projects Whatwelike To Design have on their site. The attention to detail; the grain of the wood, the wooden bolt and the fabric handles give this bike a fantastic finish!

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Great image!

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