The Neon Blacksmith

Sophie Jones, the Neon Blacksmith

For as long as she can remember, Sophie Jones has been obsessed with fluorescent  colours.  If it glowed under ultraviolet light, she needed to own it. She remembers collecting such objects as a child and has pursued her passion for neon into her professional practice.

Sophie Jones, the Neon Blacksmith

This fascination with the bright and beautiful,   combined with her love of deep space has lent her work particularly attractive aesthetic.

Sophie Jones, the Neon Blacksmith

Her latest work consists of a series of forged vessels (although she dislikes the term as her work is not necessarily intended to be functional), brought to life with UV reactive paint.

Sophie Jones, Neon Blacksmith

The end result is a striking , vibrant, body of work.
You can find out more about Sophie and her work here.

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