Thank you Paul Knott!

Ignorance hurts like a kick to the head that’s why Pinso is giving a BIG thank you to Business turnaround specialist and author of Ouch!: What you don’t know about money and why it matters (more than you think) Paul Knott for writing a series of fantastic and informative articles on finance that will spare you pain.


Knott’s witty, entertaining and informative writing style cuts through the boring financial jargon and nonsense and takes you straight to the core. OUCH the book is a fantastic read and I highly recommend that you pick up a copy and get reading it, after all you need money to eat and to create so you better take care of your dough! – sorry for the pun.


I found the book to be enlightening and it helps to get a perspective on the economy from someone who isn’t a greedy banker. You can visit Paul Knott’s site here or check out the book on Amazon here

OUCH Paul Knott Pinso 1



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