In Which Mariusz Tarkawian Predicts The Future Of Contemporary Art

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I’m sure that, like writers, artists are not immune to creative block. For renowned artists especially, the pressure to come up with something innovative that keeps pace with the fresh onslaught of new contemporaries graduating every year is no mean feat. If reading the runic social media stones and riding the cultural zeitgeist proves too much for Hirsts and Emins of this world then they can rest easy, for Glasgow School of Art graduate Mariusz Tarkawian is here with his crystal ball to reveal the future.


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‘Anticipation of Art’ comprises of some 600 irreverent drawings that predict what kind of work famous artists will create in the future. So far Tarkawian has told the fates of Bill Viola, Vanessa Beecroft, Damien Hirst, Jake & Dinos Chapman and Marina Abramovic.

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Bad boy artist Damien Hirst is no stranger to controversy. Sharks in formaldehyde, spot paintings and diamond encrusted skulls are his bread and butter. So maybe Hirst would approve of Tarkawian’s prediction, which sees him causing outrage, even death, when he dies in 2030, has his body preserved naked in a tank of formaldehyde and exhibited in the Tate. The sketch neatly marries Hirst’s outlandish reputation and occupation with memento mori. Or perhaps Tarkawian’s sketch playfully suggests that true innovation, in regards to Hirst, would take the form of a pipe and slippers.

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Tarkawian quipped, “I predict which works will be created by artists known to me in the wider contemporary art world. I want to be quicker than them and maybe steal their ideas for art.”

As he strives to produce one drawing every day this is a goal Tarkawian might just achieve.

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