How to write an Amazon Kindle Book

Ever wondered how to write an Amazon Kindle Book? Or just need some tips on how to write an ebook? Well heres the Pinso guide from experience.

At Pinso we feature a lot of graduates work because graduates are more skilled and ambitious than ever before and so we want to talk about their fantastic work. As well as writing a daily blog on graduates I curated the Pinso book Tell The Future Creative Graduates Book 01. The book was written, edited and designed by me (Paul Duddy). The book was originally released in a PDF format and is a free download from Pinso. Following on from their I wanted to make the book available to the popular Amazon Kindle User market and began editing the book to fit the Kindle format.

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I wanted to make the Pinso ebook available across the Amazon Kindle platforms including early Kindles right up to the present Kindles. Every generation of Kindle has had upgrades and refinement and can handle images and text differently which limits the design particularly if you are looking to have beautiful images on old generation Kindles. As a note, you can transfer a PDF directly to Kindle however this may cause problems with formatting and affect the users experience of reading your fab book!

Making the Pinso Book step 1. Text.

Keep it simple, the simpler the formatting the less problems their is going to be and the faster you can get the book on the Amazon Kindle. Amazon recommend formatting your book on Microsoft Word as the Kindle can easily read the document and transfer onto the Kindle. I copied all the text of the Pinso book into the one Word document and worked from that one document.

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Making the Pinso Book Step 2. Images.

I’ve got all of my text in the one document, now I want to add some of those fab images of the fantastic designs created by graduates. Images are big and there are a lot of images in the Pinso book. Firstly I had reduced the size of every single image in the book, this was to ensure that the book does not exceed Amazon 50MB but more importantly to make sure that when people download the Pinso book that it downloads quickly and people get reading straight away. Its recommended by Amazon to follow Microsoft Words image insertion method, Insert => Picture. So no copying or pasting images – insert them to ensure that your book looks great!

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Making the Pinso Book Step 3. Editing.

OK, I now have my text and images all in the one Word document and its looking a bit messy to say the least – images everywhere, text everywhere, its not looking pretty. Now you have organise that information and make it easy for people to read and travel through your book. Make it easy for them to want to turn the page. At this stage, I decided to edit out (delete) some of the images to make it easier for people to move from page to page but still fully understand and enjoy the projects and  key images in the book. Whenever moving on to a new designer or a new chapter I would start it off on a new page and insert a page break as recommended by Amazon. Inserting page breaks lets the Kindle know that you are moving on to a new subject, chapter or in the Pinso book case a designer.

Making the Pinso Book Step 4. Review. 

Make sure to review your book, check for spelling errors, broken images, things that just don’t make sense. Its going to be tough, your going to have to read it many times but it is necessary. You don’t want to put your name to a book littered with spelling errors and poor grammar. Get someone to proof read it for you, bribe them with some chocolate, beer or pizza.

And thats it! The easy way to release an Amazon Kindle book. Step 1, write your book in a Word document, Step 2 insert images, Step 3 edit it and Step 4 review! Thats you done! (already?) If you are writing a comic and want to import a comic strip to the Amazon Kindle this is a little trickier and requires some coding however it can be achieve with fantastic results. I will touch on this topic in future.

Some odd things…

The Pinso book is a free download from however as we are not a huge publishing company Amazon wont lets us make it a free download from the Kindle and so I have had to make it the minimum price on Amazon. If you would like it free on your Kindle please inform them that it can be downloaded from for free and hopefully their price comparison polices will make the book available for free.  I have informed of this but I believe they need more customer feedback. So its not likely that you will be able to give your book away for free but hey theres nothing wrong with selling your creative project.

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Another interesting observation on Amazon is the Kindle Book previewer. On the Amazon previewer the Pinso book appears to be overlapping as can be seen in the image above – the Product Design Homeware section is overlapping with the previous product image page. This is not how it appears on the Kindle once download – yes it sucks as it represents the book wrongly so be mindful of certain irregularities.


So now you know some of ups and downs of Kindle Publishing, so what are you going to write about? Let me know using the comment box below.

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