Design Classics

Martin Campbell of the Rag and Bone workshop spent a week constructing furniture design classics in his own signature style. Using upcycled materials, Campbell has reproduced design classics such as Eames giving the project a familiar but Campbell twist to the design.

Rag and Bine Workshop  Design Classics Pinso 1

Campbell challenged himself with this project by giving himself limited time and materials to construct the furniture design classics while hinting at the heritage of the original design. This project was an experiment and so the end result was important but not as important as the process of making and discovery.

Rag and Bine Workshop  Design Classics Pinso 2

This project is a great example of creative motivation and discovery. There’s something cool about waking up on Monday morning and saying ‘I am going to have 7 furniture design classics by the end of the week’.


What’s your creative motivation?

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