Artist David Munroe

Glasgow born Abstract Expressionist and Landscape painter David Munroe creates wonderful artwork that is visually striking with its contrasting colours and imagery. Munroe’s artwork appears energetic and strong as well as delicate with hidden details within his work.

Pinso Creative David Munroe Art 1

Sailing Into the Sun

Munroe takes his inspiration from a number of areas including natural and made structures. Capturing unique details in the weather, rusting metal, ageing wood, water, dilapidated buildings among others.

Pinso Creative David Munroe Art 3


Munroe’s Solitaire painting (above) is a fantastic example of his abstract work with the blending of contrasting colours to make powerful imagery. Part of Munroe’s inspiration into dilapidated buildings and peeling paint can be seen in the textured finishes of the paintings.

Pinso Creative David Munroe Art 2


David Munroe enjoys experimenting during the creative process, infusing textures, illumination, colour and depth to create powerful images.

You can see more of David Munroe’s work here


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