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Megan Kellett a recent graduate of Embroidery from Manchester School Art has created a series of designs inspired from the 1970’s porn industry. Kellett uses photography as a tool to explore the use of colour and pattern in an urban context. Much of her work is inspired by taboo subjects, she writes ‘I am fascinated by the public, yet private, appearance of sex shops.’ Sex shops really do stand out as they have their own high street ‘look’ – that don’t look at me but look at me look.

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Using colours and patterns Kellett conceals the controversial imagery of her work which hints at her inspirations from the porn industry. The design of the film sets where of particular importance as the interior colours, patterns and styles of the time helped her to create a contemporary equivalent.

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Using wood, textiles and perspex Kellett has created her designs in a number of patterns and colours that have a fun up beat appeal about them. At first glance you think you know you what it is, at second glance you know what it is and the third time you have a little giggle.

You can see more of Megan Kellett’s work here


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