Will The Real Bambi Please Stand Up?

bambi v

It’s the greatest mystery to rock London Town since Phil Mitchell’s secret killer in Eastenders – who is a spray-can happy street artist Bambi? The mysterious graffiti artist has been leaving her mark on shop doors and buildings across the capital, but unlike her wobbly legged namesake Bambi’s swift on her feet and her true identity has never been discovered.


Bambi uses stencil and spray paint to recreate the cultural icons of our time, from Amy Winehouse to Her Royal Majesty, the Queen, as well as a tribute in Primose Hill to June Beachey, manager of a London hardware store and a local legend.

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Cheeky tags often accompany Bambi’s creations. ‘A Bit Like Marmite’ is her assessment of everyone’s favourite royal couple (well, perhaps not Hilary Mantel’s…) Kate and Wills. Yet Bambi’s preoccupation with the current zeitgeist extends to more serious topics too; in Camden Town Kim Jong-Un straddles bombs marked ‘USA’ with the assertion ‘This Can’t happen’.

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Bambi’s public murals have gained celebrity fans and the attention of art critics. Brangelina, Adele, Kate Moss and the Beckhams have all purchased her work. An original could be yours too, if you’ve got upwards of £60,000 to burn. In addition to London doorways and alleys her work can be viewed at Walton Fine Arts Gallery if you’re more of a ‘chic loafers and wine’ art connoisseur.

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Of course, the guerilla street artist has had inevitable comparisons to that other unidentified paragon of street graffiti, causing her to be dubbed the ‘female Banksy’. Bambi’s anonymity is a hotly debated topic. It’s rumoured she attended Central St Martins School of Art and is also a famous singer. Guesses range from Paloma Faith to M.I.A, who both attended St Martins and can hold a tune.

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Despite the tantalising mystery I hope she’s not caught – Bambi’s covert existence is refreshing in our hyper-connected, fame-at-all-costs, Tweet dribbling society, proving the old adage that decreased supply increases demand.





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