The Modern Dog

Tabitha Cottrell – The Modern Dog

It’s the time of year when degree shows are either gearing up or are in full swing and when the full length and breadth of talent in the UK is proudly on display for the entire world to see.  And there’s so much talent out there! There are so many shows going on, it’s impossible to see them all, but thankfully the internet, as always, provides. And this week, I’d like to share the work of Tabitha Cottrell.

Tabitha Cottrell – Clive

Taking inspiration from the animal kingdom, Tabitha Cottrell, a mixed media textiles designer and illustrator  in her final year at  Bath School of Art and Design,  creates interesting (not to mention adorable) 3D creatures with real personality.  Focusing on the creation of textiles and 3D objects for the home.

A self-described animal lover, her work is a response to her personal sketchbooks.

Tabitha Cottrell – Porsha

Each animal’s character is lovingly and carefully brought to life through the sensitive use of found fabrics, embroidery and hand-made embellishments.  Incorporating both traditional and new techniques in her work she creates one of a kind, high-end pieces with a unique attention to detail which perfectly captures the expressive nature of her subjects.

You can find out more about Tabitha’s work here.


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