Photographer Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi Pinso

Hour and hours of tiny adjustments, tinkering with angles, colours, fruits, tools, vodka and toast and what do you get? A single fantastic picture! Photographer Bela Borsodi has created this great optical illusion titled Terrain, using colours and our (HUMANS!) instinctive ability to spot patterns Рour way of creating order in the world to automatically divide the image into 4 squares. Stragetically placing object with linear lines at the centre of the photo and offsetting them with contrasting colours Borsodi has created an image that tricks our eye into thinking its 4 separate image put together.

Photographer Bela Borsodi Pinso

Repositioning the camera changes the perception of the image, before it looked highly organised and in line now it looks cluttered and messy – a bunch of stuff put together. Check the video below to see how Borsodi put together this fantastic image.







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