Jewellery Futures

I feel we have entered a new era of jewellery design with all these new fantastic jewellery designers and makers. There seems to be a new movement and I think its cool, awesome, great, fantastic, floats my boat etc etc. Jewellery design isn’t confined to diamonds and precious metals any more. Paper, plastic, silicone, acrylic which are sometimes blended together with precious metals creating an altogether unique piece of jewellery. Further adding to the fantastic new design jewellery movement is the mix between traditional techniques and digital technologies allowing designers to be more experimental and creative.


Birmingham City University jewellery design graduates have created a fantastic range of jewellery design and captured their creations in stunning images. Below is just some of the fantastic work that will be on display at New Designers, the structures, details, colours, materials and design produced really do capture your attention – the images and context of the jewellery pull you in and the design details keep you there. The immense work that has went into creating these awesome pieces really shows. The diverse collection includes sharp linear lined designs, organic looking structures and almost bubble like pieces. You can see the whole collection online here Jewellery Futures 2013 or…see it in person at New Designers at stand J23!

Miko Li Pinso Jewellery

Emma Burfoot Pinso Jewellery

Claire Duerden Pinso Jewellery

Amy Spawton Pinso Jewellery

Ami Pepper Pinso Jewellery

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