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Glasgow School of Art (GSA) Graduate of Communication Design Photography Jade Starmore has created a collection of fantastic images. The collection explores the ‘ideals of female beauty, and looks at the ways women are depicted in the fashion industry.’ says Starmore.

Pinso Jade Starmore QueenWEBONLY04

The images created by Starmore are striking, above is the ageing Queen. The composition of the models, the vivid colours offset with the lighter pastel tones together create a hierarchy within the image. The Queen, the imposing central character appears forceful and almost clinical in her appearance. The story behind this image is that the Queen is petrified of becoming old and being replaced by a younger women so the Queen summons all of earth’s young beautiful women and sacrifices their hair and beauty to her.

Photography & Styling – Jade Starmore
Hair & Make-up – June Long
Models – Rachael Forbes, Elaine Ford & Ingrida Dornbrook

 Pinso Jade Starmore JStarmoreHead11

Head (above), set in an imaginary future this part of the collection is called Without Bodies. Starmore’s images present a future where women have detachable heads and bodies that can be sent to Fashion Houses – sounds a little like a chop shop. The overwhelming whiteness contrasted with bold metallic colours present a more robotic and less human appearance.

Photography & Styling – Jade Starmore
Hair & Make-up – June Long
Model – Lucy Dalgleish

 Pinso Jade Starmore WeightlessWEBONLY09

Above, Weightless, the image portrays a women so light that she is literally floating away. This is fun at first but soon it is the elements that control her actions not her own willingness. 

Pinso Jade Starmore MuseumPieces16

The image above portrays a future where the wealthy turn themselves into beautiful, immortal robots and the costume itself becomes a symbol of the poor underclasses. Starmore describes the project brilliantly below –

“Fashion no longer requires fabric – it has transcended the outer layer and lies directly on the skin. The idealised robotic bodies of the future do not feel the cold, so perfect, ageless skin is now the canvas of the designer. The most cutting edge fashionistas display the very latest features, which are discarded once the season ends. Imitation is dangerous; only the best will do. For those who have been careless and tried out inferior products, repair is not always possible. They hide themselves in the Museum of Forgotten Costume, where few will venture. There they slowly crumble, alongside the once sought-after apparel of a distant age.” Jade Starmore


As well as being a fab creative Jade Starmore puts her entrepreneurial skills to work  and is co-founder and Creative Director of Virtual Yarns Ltd, an e-commerce company that markets knitting yarns and designs throughout the world. In 2011 she founded photographic company Towzie Tyke – specialising in fashion photography and styling –  which she runs from her studio in Glasgow.  Starmore will continue her photography work as well as enrolling in a Masters Degree at the GSA in Fashion & Textiles. Thats a lot of work!


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