Glass Bike

World’s first glass bike is Latvian

Two Latvian artists,  Artis Nīmanis from ‘an&angel‘ and Gatis Vasiļjevs from ‘Pomzero’, set themselves quite a challenge. They stretched their minds to set an ambitious goal – to create a bike out of glass. And they did it, which, as admitted by the modest fellas, came as a surprise even to themselves.

Pinso an&ange

It took months of experimenting with the fragile yet plastic material before they uncracked how to make it happen. What they wanted to achieve was to make it strong enough to be practical yet to keep the transparency that is so characteristic of glass. And it really is a perfectly functional bike. The one downside, however, is that it is not made for speed-racing.

Pinso an&ange 1

The bike weights 21kg. The initial principle that guys set out was to use as few details as possible to emphasise the glass which the whole concept is about.

Could  this glass bike replace Cinderella’s crystal shoe in a hipster-remake of the classic fairytale?

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