Pinso Computex 15 2013

Pinso travels through the tech exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI with the likes of ASUS, Microsoft as well as new brands such as IN2UIT and NANOXIA showcasing their fantastic new products. Below is just some of the fab products that will be coming to market or in some cases already on the market.

Pinso Computex 2013

For people who cant be away from games, this device turns your internet focused tablet into a hardcore game controller with its large grip handles and its multiple buttons on either side. It completely changes a tablets slick smooth finish to a geared up gamer appearance.

Pinso Computex 9 2013

The humble mouse, ever so helpful at navigating our screens, originally designed for gamers the mouse was adopted to assist the keyboard. In 2013 the mouse has become a sound house with a large portion of its underbelly dedicated to a speaker – quite an interesting product.

Pinso Computex 10 2013

In 2013 the mouse isnt just for speakers, its for cameras too! This one really got me thinking, giving a user the opportunity and convenience to use a camera mouse – will they use it? I think so, its a fun product meant for light hearted sharing images.

Pinso Computex 16 2013

Acer’s new laptop with rotating screen – the flexibility of the screen is very cool and I can imagine it being used in a number of scenarios for both recreational activities and professional duties.

Pinso Computex 6 2013

Hello, why yes I am talking to you on my phone/tablet! The ASUS Fonepad is a hybrid between…you guessed it, a phone and a tablet. Bigger than the ‘normal’ smart phone but smaller than a tablet – I like it! I didn’t think I would but it seems handy and although it is more cumbersome than a phone it is more convenient with the larger screen for checking awesome websites like

Pinso Computex 12 2013

Pinso Computex 5 2013

The ASUS Sonicmaster and Vivomouse (right). Yes another mouse but ASUS has taken a slightly different approach than the earlier designs. The Vivomouse is a multifunctional device and can act as a traditional mouse or as a multi touch trackpad which dramatically increases the usability of the mouse.

Pinso Computex 8 2013

The future will most definitely be waterproof! I am not taking about splash proof, I am talking water proof! Fully submerged devices. In the future the FEAR will no longer exist, liquids shall not penetrate your smart phone, tablet or phone/tablet.

Pinso Computex 2 2013

I enjoyed the graphics at the MSI stand. I think it means FAST!

Pinso Computex 3 2013

A new product being worked on at the moment at MSI is a removable mouse pad from your laptop, I feel this is quite useful because when using the touch pad in the fixed state at the centre of the laptop it can become quite uncomfortable. Having the option to use your right or left hand or simply position the pad wherever you want is a nice little feature.


Last but not least, IN2UIT these stylish slimline speakers look great coupled with great sound quality these products really do stand out. Within their product range are these fab accessories for tablets (below), IN2UIT created this AIO (All in One) iPad case named the Boompack. Boosting your iPads sound power with a quality output while at the same time protection it. Nice! Another surprising and great feature is the battery life – one charge = 10 hours of top quality sounds. Impressive.


COMPUTEX TAIPEI was jammed packed with new, interesting and exciting products! I have my eye’s on a few that I am hoping to get my hands on. All round a very interesting and exciting place to be. Its not just for massive headline grabbing exhibitors either, COMPUTEX TAIPEI has a variety of small component suppliers exhibiting – dam handy if your looking to construct a product and need to find a suppliers for various parts. The shuttle bus between venues was also a nice touch!

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