Birds of a feather stick to – biscuits?

BOBs starling acLorraine Berkshire-Roe, an illustrator from Oxford, has improved on the age-old saying by proving that the odd couple of birds and biscuits make for an entertaining combination. Berkshire-Roe’s sweet sculptures raise a smile as an assorted aviary of common garden birds perch upon the humble biscuits we dunk in our mid-morning and afternoon cuppa.

These whimsical sculptures are the perfect antidote to a bad day – just look at their cheeky smiles! Being as ornithologically challenged as me is no barrier to enjoying Berkshire-Roe’s work or admiring the artist’s craftsmanship and dedication – she’s been making papier maché objects since 1990. The Birds on Biscuits series has been running for a few years and started life as part of an exhibition for Artweeks on British wildlife with a twist. She uses a combination of newspaper, with a mix of wood, epoxy resin, nails and cardboard for the bases, wings and tails then paints with acrylic. The sculptures have proved incredibly popular and can be commissioned or purchased via the artist’s website or a couple of online outlets.

BOBs goldfinch party ring

While I couldn’t name all the birds I can confidently say that I was able to identify every type of biscuit.

BOBs Blackbird on bourbon

I did spot a new species of biscuit though – the Greater Sliced Angel Layer Cake! While not technically a biscuit I can understand its inclusion – I polished one off while writing this article (mercifully sans Starling).

BOBs robin on rich tea

Robin with your Rich Tea?

BOBs Kingfisher on custard cream

Kingfisher Custard Cream?

If you like Lorraine Berkshire-Roe’s Birds on Biscuits series then you’ll love her animal-friendly website which features moles and snails and bats, oh my!

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