26 Million Unemployed People

Last week I read that there was 26 million unemployed people (young people) in Europe aka the Eurozone. My immediate response was holy shit!  I then later read that Francois Hollande (French President) told Japanese business leaders that the Euro Crisis was over – really? So you can see there’s a bit of ‘debate’ or massive contradiction which ever way you want to look at it on the Eurozone. However after a state of contemplation and reflection I had a HUZZAH moment.

Pinso 26 million people

I realised there was 26 million opportunities, 26 million ways forward, 26 million people to build the future and now it doesn’t seem like a Eurocrisis at all, its seems like a Europportunity! The old, traditional or bushwa ways no longer work, how long do people expect 26 million people to sit around for? Something great will come of this, its much easier working together than it is working alone, imagine the power of 26 million people working towards a better, more sustainable, more responsible future.

Q: What you waiting for? A: Nothing…

Waiting for a job, waiting for a banker to say huzzah this will help everyone*, waiting for a politician that doesn’t make a decision influenced by ‘outside factors’ is like being a frog gradually boiled alive. The good news is your not a frog, don’t wait, ACT! Its your life, its your future start building it now.


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*’ME!!!! WOOHAHAHA’ said the banker.

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