Southside Film Festival 2013

It’s been more than 24 hours since I was at the Southside Film Festival 2013 and I am now starting to reminiscence about the good old days (yes I am feeling a bit dramatic today). I have my souvenirs of the screenings that I went to that included Up There, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the Southside Film Maker award screening. It’s hard to believe that the Southside Film Festival is run entirely on a volunteer basis – it’s a fantastic festival with so much going on. The enthusiasm of the volunteers make the festival great. If someone is doing it for free – you know they love it! The warm welcomes from event staff definitely make it all the difference!


The festival not only highlights the fact the southside of Glasgow doesn’t have a cinema (why is that?)  but it also acts as a platform for filmmakers of which there is a huge community on the southside. The sheer quality of the filming and script writing at the Southside Film Festival was fantastic not to mention the  variety of venues! I was genuinely happy to be there soaking up the atmosphere and meeting up and coming film makers.


If you love films, live in the southside and missed it – shame on you! :P But don’t worry it will be back again next year, that’s only 363 days, 8712 hours but again don’t worry as you will be sleeping for approx 3000 hours so your almost there really! Including drunken nights and hungover mornings could further reduce this number bringing you even closer to the 2014 festival.

In conclusion (I’ve never done one of these before). The Southside Film Festival is better than any cinema I have ever been too – ever! The whole experience feels like it should! Like an exciting time out to see something new.

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